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From the beginning Humans are in a constant search for the base of existence trying to understand the forces involved in the formation of such complex matter surrounding and forming us.

As technological innovation becomes the biggest impact of the future of species and environment, radical changes are starting to appear. The development of robotics, bioengineering and complex algorithms endows us with new skills and assigns a very different path. Enabling us to expand our bodies and consciousness to reach places we were unable, overcome diseases and deficiencies which we are vulnerable to.

We can reach the nature of creation and rewrite it.
Now we have become the creators.

In my research my goal is to examine the new materials and technologies involved in this rapid change.
As a result of my project I create systems inspired by biology and nature using synthetic materials, algorithms and 3D modeling softwares.

Szerzet / Creature 01

Offsite photographed by @___no_na_
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