Meta objects
Meta objects

The world around us consists of relatively basic objects: natural phenomena (mountains, rivers, rocks, etc....), living creatures and man-made objects. These are distinct concepts in Western culture and function as a hierarchical system that underpins our social structure.

Augmented Reality, artificial intelligence and virtual worlds generated by complex algorithms are changing the basic set-up. Boundaries are breaking down and new categories are emerging. This kind of transhuman condition is increasingly giving rise to a review and redefinition of existing concepts. 3D objects generated in virtual space by digitality is a phenomenon that is bringing about a lot of change. Both in the classical forms of object design (architecture, fashion, jewellery, etc..) and in the distinction between the above-mentioned categories: designed object, living object and natural object.

What is an object?

What is design, who is the designer?

How do we re-create the world in a space devoid of physical attributes?

As the questions of new entities and altered human qualities are emphasized, at the same time providing an opportunity to extend thinking about them to a revision of pre-existing relations. The possibilities offered by new digital technologies can serve as a means to better understand the workings of systems that were previously unknown or forgotten.